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Vengeance has a name and it knows no boundaries.

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New Excerpt from the Third Book in the Vampyre 2000 Series: No Rest for the Wicked !!


Cornelius stepped cautiously onto the covered wooden porch of the pub. Suddenly, he was reminded of Eloise’s words of wisdom and he thought not to exhibit any confidence in himself prematurely. Even though he may be superior to those inside, he was not invincible. To these people he was a stranger and the last thing that he wanted was to cause trouble of any kind. Standing off to one side of the door was a lady that Cornelius found rather scantily dressed; she was wearing a dress that exposed her bosom and her shoulders and neck were also bare. As he reached for the handle of the front door, he nodded politely to the lady while passing in front of her.

“Why, hello, stranger.” said the woman to Cornelius abruptly. “I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before. If I had, I’m quite certain that I would’ve noticed.” Cornelius removed his hand from the door knob and hesitated for a moment. He was excited about having the opportunity to go into an establishment of this kind for the first time in his life. On the other hand, it was not in his nature to be disrespectful to a lady.

“No ma’am, you are correct. This is the first time that I have visited this place.” replied Cornelius.

“Then allow me to introduce myself.” said the woman as she extended her arm, covered in a delicate gauntlet, toward him. “My name is Loretta and what might be the name of this fine gentleman?” she asked. Her question had caught Cornelius off guard and it took a moment for it to sink in. At first, he had no idea that she was referring to him. Appropriately, he took her by the hand and gently brought it to his lips.

“I am Cornelius and it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance ma’am.” he replied politely.

“My, my, you are a gentleman indeed. I fear a bit too refined for the likes of the ruffians inside.”

“You mustn’t let my conservative appearance fool you. I can assure you that I am quite capable of taking care of myself.”

“I see, but what of me? Are you quite capable of taking care of me as well?” said Loretta as she took one step closer to Cornelius. She was now just inches from his face and looking him in his eyes seductively.

“Yes, ma’am. I believe that I could, should the need arise.”

“How quaint your choice of words.” she responded.

“I’m afraid that I don’t understand, but if you will excuse me, miss. My pursuits await me inside.” said Cornelius as he placed his hand on the door knob once again. Loretta was a very persistent woman; realizing that he literally didn’t understand what she was suggesting, she placed her hand over his and stopped him from opening the door.

“Cornelius, do you have any idea, any at all, of who I am and what I engage in as a profession?”

“No ma’am. We have only recently made one another’s acquaintance.”

“You are such a strong and handsome young man.” said Loretta as she rubbed her hands all over Cornelius’ chest and abdomen. “Certainly a man such as yourself is married?”

“No ma’am. I am not married.”

“Then allow me to ask you but one question.” said Loretta.  “Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your evening alone with me or would you rather spend it inside of that stench filled pub full of raving and drunken lunatics?” Cornelius took a moment to consider her proposition. The situation that had presented itself was finally beginning to become clear to him. There he was on his very first trip into Plymouth and he had been approached by a beautiful woman that knew little to nothing about modesty. She had no companion and no one had seen the two of them talking together. Then, surprisingly, she expressed a desire to spend the evening with him alone. It was simply too good to be true.

“When given the choice between those two options, Miss Loretta, I cannot argue with the purity of your logic. “What, may I ask, do you have in mind?”

Across the street from Liverpool Union, next to the church, was a large open park. It was scattered throughout with lovely wrought iron benches, beautifully trimmed hedges and a generous number of large, older Elm trees. Because it was early November, the canopies of the trees had already lost their leaves which lay on the grass hidden by a blanket of newly fallen snow. Cornelius marveled at the beautiful landscape as he escorted Loretta through one of the paths in the park. There were no light poles within the park, so the only lighting that it received was from that of the moon. For that particular reason most of the residents, living in this part of Plymouth, stayed out of the park at night as they feared that its unlit boundaries were a magnet for unlawful activity. The two of them wandered, arm in arm, throughout the park until they found a bench that they believed to be far from any watchful eyes. Cornelius seated the lady and then he joined her on the bench.

“I must say, Miss Loretta, that your idea was an impeccable one. This has already shown itself to be the wiser of the two scenarios.” said Cornelius.

“Why, thank you. You certainly are a perfect gentleman.” said Loretta as she scooted closer to him. “I seem to have forgotten my overcoat; do you think you might be able to keep me warm?”

“I am at your service Madame. Unfortunately, I have this growing notion that soon you will be even colder.” he replied. Cornelius put his arms around Loretta to help shield her from the elements. After getting comfortable in his arms she reached out and with both hands held Cornelius by the face.

“My heavens, Cornelius, it is you that needs warming. Your skin feels as cold as night. Come, let me warm you up.” said Loretta as she pulled his face close to hers. She kissed Cornelius passionately on his lips and then she held him tight. That kiss electrified him; it had felt better than almost anything he had ever experienced. Not because Loretta was a very skilled professional, but because it was his first. Leaning in again, this time it was he who gave her a kiss and it was no less passionate as the first. The two of them continued to kiss romantically for more than a minute when Loretta withdrew from Cornelius and wiped the saliva from her mouth.

“Perhaps, you would like me to open your trousers? Shall I do it here on the bench or would you prefer that I do it over there in the trees?” she asked. Cornelius really could not have cared less, because he had no intention of opening his trousers for this woman. He hadn’t escorted her into this park at night to enjoy some carnal pleasures with her behind a tree. No, he had brought her here tonight to satisfy his most fundamental need to drink her fresh, warm blood.







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Since I first began to write Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifeless, it has appeared on a variety of things in many different formats: press releases, brochures, post cards, business cards, websites, emails and television. Out of the many people that have been exposed to the book, in one form or another, there has only been a few who have pronounced the title correctly; television reporters. And that is only because I asked them to. Some of you may already know what the title represents, but for those of you that do not, it would be my pleasure to explain it once again.

The title is a union between something old and traditional and something new and contemporary. To me, the word vampyre is a more Old World, Eastern European way to say vampire. It is pronounced "vawm-peer".The number 2000 is not a year and isn't meant to be taken so literally, as some may have thought. More so, it symbolizes the twenty-first century. In other words, something here and now. That was one of the original ideas for the book, how an early nineteenth century vampire would exist now and today.

Cornelius is a vampire and Rita is a vampiress. In the very same way that a man and woman are both human, a vampire and a vampiress are both vampyre. It is the species that they belong to.


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