VAMPYRE 2000:Life to the Lifeless Christopher F. Benson
Vengeance has a name and it knows no boundaries.
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Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifeless

Vampyre 2000:Ill of the Dead
by Christopher F. Benson


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Fate had finally found a way to bring Cornelius and Rita together...forever. Even while enjoying the company of her immortal lover and the security of their old Victorian home, Cornelius' greatest fears were realized. His unending love and support was not enough and soon Rita began to reject her new life.


Being a vampire wasn't coming easily for Rita.

Cornelius may have guided Rita out of the abyss and back from the dead, but as hard as he tried, he could not protect her from the dark and frightening reality of being undead. When a strange and mysterious woman befriended Rita and shared her incredible connection to Cornelius, the implications were so powerful that they threatened to destroy the very foundation and unique bond that the two of them had worked so hard to build. Rita is put to the most challenging test of her life when learning Cornelius' shocking secret forces her to choose between which side her alliances lie.

Sometimes, the afterlife isn't always happily ever after.




One of the main ideas behind writing Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifelesswas to show that if vampires actually existed, how one might live his life today. Cornelius, the main character, is a two hundred year old vampire who conducts business in the downtown of a major American metropolis. I set out to write a realistic story about his past and how he interacted and survived in the twenty first century. We saw him fall in love with a human female. We also saw how, because of his involvement with her, he was forced to protect her and ultimately save her life.


Now, in Vampyre 2000: Ill of the Dead, Rita has become vampyre. Again, seeking a realistic treatment of the story, the reader will learn that the transition, for her, is not an easy one. The dark lifestyle and harsh reality of being a vampire soon fills Rita with regret and she rejects the way that she is forced to live her new life. In this story we will see Rita question the choices that she has made and decide on how she intends to embrace her future of being undead. Sometimes, the afterlife isn't always happily ever after. In the end, her transformation from a frightened and timid vampire to a powerful and confident creature of the night is sure to excite and intrigue you.


Cornelius was able to roam freely among the streets of the city undetected for one simple reason. If that man next to you on the train or that woman at the theatre told you that he or she was a vampire, would you believe them? After being turned into a vampire during transport to America to become a slave, he was thrown overboard and drifted ashore on the New England coastline in 1804. Now, hardened from a lifetime of death and solitude, he sensed a void within that left him feeling so very alone. In search of something or someone to give his life some meaning, Cornelius had walked the earth for centuries. Finally, he found what he had been endlessly waiting for, her name was Rita. But Cornelius had many secrets, most importantly, a frightening reminder of his past that had plagued him for over one hundred years. Inescapably, that past could no longer be ignored and would prove to be an obstacle that would prevent Cornelius and Rita from ever being together. If neglected further, it also threatened to end both of their lives, a life Cornelius saw as a new beginning. Even if he chose to confront his demons to find some closure and stop running, was he powerful enough to accomplish it? Staring deeply into the face of such an overwhelming situation, were they foolish to believe that they could be together?


"I first had the idea for this book back in the summer of 2004. I wanted to write a "realistic" story about a vampire as he might live today in the 21st century, while possessing a very unique and tangible backstory. The title is pronounced vawm-peer, the old world European way to say it. The 2000 is not a year, it represents the 21st century. And that was the idea, something old and traditional meets something new and contemporary, here and now. It is a brief look into a vampire's life, this story is modern, realistic, set in a major American metropolis, there are no bats or clouds of mist, the vampire has a unique origin, the bad guy is bad and people die. Early on, the original title of the book was "You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You" and that was the initial premise of how vampires would blend in and "live" amongst us unknowingly everyday. In the short time that the story follows Cornelius, the main character, we see his transformation from a lonely killer into a creature that once again appreciates life. This long awaited journey is forced upon him by the re-emergence of his nemesis of over one hundred and forty years, also his very serendipitous meeting of the woman who would change his life. VAMPYRE 2000: Life to the Lifeless isn't a story about young, model type vampires that walk in the daylight and experience soap opera lives. This story is about something completely different. I have been telling people that this is a new vampire story, but actually it isn't. It's more of a return to the characteristics that we imagine when we think about vampires. Within this story is drama, action, suspense and romance, I very much enjoyed getting it out of my head and onto the paper. I honestly believe that this is a very good story. One that is well thought out and well written. I also think you will enjoy it."


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