VAMPYRE 2000:Life to the Lifeless Christopher F. Benson
Vengeance has a name and it knows no boundaries.


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One Vampire's Quest for New Beginnings
A modern-day vampire story about a lonely killer who learns to appreciate life

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Christopher F. Benson is proud to announce the release of his book Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifeless (published by AuthorHouse). Benson tells an exhilarating tale about Cornelius, an African man who was turned into a vampire during transport to America to become a slave. After being thrown overboard and drifting ashore to New England, Cornelius roamed freely from city to city, undetected by the naive population of individuals who never suspected they were at risk of becoming the victim of a seemingly fictitious creature. Two hundred years later, Cornelius finally discovers a person who gives his violent, lonely life meaning, but the secrets from his past resurface and threaten his happiness — and the life of his newly found beloved. 

Cornelius now turned completely around to face her, upon seeing her face, he had a sudden revelation. He had seen this woman before, she obviously didn't remember their brief encounter. On a night, some weeks ago, this woman nervously walked past him near a street corner not far from here, he could feel her anxiety as she went by. Quickly and awkwardly she glanced at Cornelius, he could hear her heartbeat pounding wildly as she crossed in front of him. It made him hunger. Now she was there directly in front of him, just inches away and he was quite taken by her and her amazing beauty. She was a tall woman with long dark brown hair. Her brown eyes accentuated a very elegant face that sat atop her long and athletic hourglass body. To Cornelius, she was the embodiment of a goddess on earth. He thought to himself what an incredible creature she was and now he wanted her company.

This riveting story provides a unique glimpse into the existence of a modern-day vampire. Readers will follow Cornelius' journey from a life of violence, solitude and unrest to the discovery of love and the possibility of a second chance — all while dodging attacks from his archenemy. As Cornelius transforms from a lonely killer into a creature who appreciates life, he will be faced with his most difficult and trying decision yet.

About the Author
Christopher F. Benson grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He has always had a fascination with vampire stories and folklore, and was an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy as a child. Benson studied architecture and history at Texas Tech and also acted extensively, including performing in several Shakespearean plays. After graduating from college, he began working as an architectural designer in San Francisco, Calif. and San Antonio, Texas. In 2004, he began keeping his ideas for a modern vampire story in a writing journal and in 2008 he began to write Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifeless. This is his first novel. For more information, please visit

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